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Stolen Goat Zion long-sleeved mountain bike jersey navy blue to light blue gradient fade with light blue central stolen goat logo

Stolen Goat Zion MTB Long Sleeved Jersey

Original price was: £45.00.Current price is: £27.00.
Ready to head off the beaten track? With it’s stunning gradient blue design, the Stolen Goat Zion long-sleeved mountain biking jersey brings some signature Stolen Goat style to your off-road rides. This is a lightweight and breathable long-sleeved jersey for mountain biking. Offering a relaxed fit, its ideal for layering up with a base layer while the weather’s still chilly, then wearing alone once the warmer spring weather arrives. Make sure you treat yourself to a pair of pair of the SG mountain bike shorts to go with your new jersey! Scroll down for more details…