VeloVixen Climb & Conquer Jacket – Refraction

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** A note on fit: These jackets are perfect for women with broader shoulders and larger busts, with a slightly triangular shape that lends itself to a more top-heavy figure. **

VeloVixen’s Climb and Conquer Refraction womens Winter Cycling Jacket, designed in conjunction with our friends at Stolen Goat, is a true thoroughbred to get you through the coldest days of any winter. We know of outings well below freezing where the Climb and Conquer women’s cycling jacket has kept the lucky wearer smiling throughout!

It’s so cosy and well insulated that on anything other than the coldest days you’ll be able to wear the Climb and Conquer with just a base layer or summer jersey. It’s perfect for crisp wintery conditions where the temperature remains consistently low throughout your ride. You won’t even dread the odd downpour – it features water repellent fabric, but with seams and zips deliberately not sealed to keep it breathable and ensure you don’t overheat.

The Refraction graphic is a stunning statement jacket with true individual character will get you noticed and seen in all the best ways.

The Tempest Protect fabric provides both a wind and waterproof shell to give you the confidence to keep you riding throughout the winter, on or off road. Its soft, fleece-like Roubaix lining adds versatility, allowing it to be paired with a base layer or summer jersey on even the coldest rides. Should conditions warm up, it’ll remain comfortable against your skin if you need to wear on its own. The covered zip helps protect against wind and cold penetration.

The rear pockets are made of Pixel100 fabric. The subtle pinpricks of reflectivity are understated by day but reflect dramatically after dark, helping to keep you highly visible on the road.

The Camlock zip (with garage) is the best zip money can buy, ensuring the zip stays put and doesn’t irritate. And a fourth, water resistant pocket means you can keep your valuables safe and dry and wave goodbye to ziplock bags forever!

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