VeloVixen Turbo Towel – Freehand Blue


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We know only too well that cycling isn’t all about the great outdoors. Sometimes time, weather or global pandemics demand inside training – and that’s where this colourful, lightweight gym sweat towel comes into its own. Perfect to help you dry off and feel fresh after (or during) a hard spin session, on the turbo trainer, or simply going through your routines at the gym. Or why not keep it handy for your triathlon transitions?

Thanks to its 70% cotton and 30% microfibre construction VeloVixen’s Zingy towel is quick drying, durable and super absorbent, everything you need from a sports towel.

The unique graphic gives you a certain growling menace in the gym or on the turbo trainer. We love it and think this towel is a perfect addition to any sport fanatic’s gym bag.

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